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About Us was built from the ground up by a team of passionate lifelong Anime addictors and writers. A lot of pixelated heart and a whole bunch of soul went into its creation.

Ericwainaina  is a go-to site for any anime fan, whether they’re searching for the best new animes, or industry news about upcoming animes or anime movies. We , the staff at ,Ericwainaina gives the true reviews and news to  our readers to keep them updated with the latest trend.

Ericwainaina is constantly striving to deliver high quality anime news and reviews to your computer screens, each and every day. Being sure to maintain high standards of writing and reliability.

After setting off on different ventures, We came together through shared devotions for 
Ericwainaina with the intent to bring a sense of truth and quality to the Anime world. Ericwainaina itself produces colorful, clean and crisp Animes, and the EWN team set out on a mission to represent a similar professional, yet fun, image through quality writing and design.

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