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Your Lie in April Review In Detail

                                                           Your Lie in April Review Your Lie in April or Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso I saw this ...

Your Lie in April Review In Detail
                                                           Your Lie in April Review

Your Lie in April or Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso I saw this anime when I was a noob anime fan That's right. Romance is the genre that made me fall in love with anime world. And Not Shonen like these two idiots. 

So, I thought to review your Lie in April anime in detail but since I had watched is about two years ago and forgotten most of its details, that's why I had to re-watch it before reviewing it. Your Lie in April is a, romance anime and if you google any top romance anime list, you'll surely find it somewhere in the Top 5s.And the rating of your lie in april on IMDB is 7 out of 10.

 Basically, this is music oriented anime and in that too, it's involves western classical music. If you guys, listen to Beethoven, Chopin & Mozart's compositions just like me Then you'll surely enjoy this anime a lot. And even if you don't listen to them, still you'll get to know how great these composers were. 

Character Of Your Lie In April

   Main Characters

   Suporting Characters

Your Lie In April Story Line

Well, like most of the romance genre, your lie in anime is also set around the school life as well. Still unlike other anime, the school life isn't much involved in it's storyline All this is fine and well, But the main question is "What is this anime about?" The answer to this question lies in the opening of the song. Just when we come across the title screen of the anime. Then we see some tiny words underneath it which say Something- And that's the plot of this anime. 

Your Lie in April Review
                                                              Your Lie in April Review

Anime's protagonist, Arima Kousei, has learnt nothing but piano in his entire life. He becomes a well known accomplished pianist just at the young age of 12. But then, something happens in his life which makes him quit piano. And then his life kinda... gets stuck.

He neither moves forward nor backward. And then he somehow meets Miyazono Kaori, And his fate begins to get changed You want to know how? I'am not gonna tell you that. You have to watch the Anime to know the story of Your lie in april.

Your Lie In April Animation and Music

If we talk about animation, then it's simply marvelous. Yeah I know the eyes of the characters of this anime, seem to be too big but... comparative to anime like Clannad and Air, they are quite normal. This isn't an action anime so obviously- you aren't going to see the amazing fast-frame animation.

 But,  For a slice of life the animation of this anime  is outstanding.

Your Lie in April Review In Detail
Your Lie in April Review

Like, there is some  scene In the anime. Which depicts how playing the piano is shown in such a realistic way. And this is just a tiny example. You'll get to see much more mesmerizing animation like that in the whole anime.

 Like I said, that this is a music oriented anime, so obviously, its music should also be impactful.

 Your Lie in April's music is considered one of the best of all time. And actually, it's so popular that I had listened- one of its theme even before watching it. And Yeah. Music is mostly focused on Piano and Strings, which does total justice to the theme of the anime. Music's genre is mostly like Pop music. But Good pop music.

Your Lie In April Review

 A lot of people call this anime "melodrama" and I kinda understand why they say that. But after watching it myself, I never felt anything in the anime that's overdramatized or something. Yeah there are some scenes which will make you say "When the hell this happens in real life?" But just hear me out.

 The feeling and emotions of a musician towards his music is not very easy to explain. Our both lead characters Kousei and Kaori are musicians as well. Whatever "supernatural" sort of thing is shown around them are the feelings and emotions going in through their minds. So... I don't feel that they are melodrama at all.

 Another important thing is that, this anime is very sad and very depressing. By adding comedy elements here and there, the creators have tried to loosen up the depressing stuff from the anime. But I think it just could not be helped because many of the moments are really really sad.

 And comedy cannot loosen up that sadness. I have read many posts in the forums like- People felt depressed for a week or so after watching this anime. But that doesn't mean that this anime will have bad effects on you. Despite of being sad and depressing.

it is a "feel good" anime. And that's because of its Animation, its characters, its music its storyline and its brilliant story execution. And I believe if any artist can bring tears to your eyes by expressing his art, Then his art is really impactful. 


If you are also a fan of romance and music based genre animes.Then You should Watch this Anime.Because The art which can tamper your emotions to the extent of balling your eyes That is the real shit. So Let's finish today's review right here.

Goodbye ! ! ! !

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