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Akame ga kill season 2 Release Date Updates !!!

                                         Akame ga kill season 2 Release Date Updates  Akame ga  kill is one of those shows which fans have b...


Akame ga kill season 2 Release Date Updates !
                                       Akame ga kill season 2 Release Date Updates 

Akame ga  kill is one of those shows which fans have been waiting for a second season. Recently there have been rumors about releasing a second season of the anime. While fans are excited let's check if the rumors are true or not. 

 I will also clear out all the false information the thing that happened with this anime is almost similar to another anime which is classroom of the elite in both cases the story in the anime has been deviated from the source material for this reason the japanese anime fans boycotted the season one of classroom of the elite and most likely it won't have another season.

Released in 2014 akame ga kill immediately won everyone's hearts for its storyline and superb action there were 24 episodes in the first season and it was produced by the anime studio “square enix” while the ending of the show left a very little room to progress the story. But there has been no official confirmation about getting any sequels however fans may hope for a prickwell or a spin-off for this series.

Akame ga kill anime vs manga 

In the story of akame ga kill  so many key components have been changed from the manga.That's why people who have read the source material are not happy with the anime. Even akame ga kill manga ending is different from the anime.

Akame ga kill season 2 Release Date Updates !!!
Akame ga kill season 2 Release Date Updates

The anime ending is sadder than the manga and sometimes even makes no sense you guys can read the actual ending from the manga those who ship mine and tatsumi the manga ending will make them happy because in the manga they are alive and they also have a baby

 As there is spin-off manga which is called akame ga kill zero it introduces us to the young akame and her little sister koram. Orphans groomed by the empire to be obedient living weapons, both girls believe the empire loves them and is training them to do vital peacekeeping work ,Even when they're forcibly separated.

 Each sister joins a team of assassins in training and dedicates herself to martial arts. Although zero was published in 2013 there is no news about being it adapted into anime, but fans can always hope for an anime adaptation. But the news which is roaming around everywhere telling people that akamega kill zero is going to be released very soon is not actually true.

Akame ga kill season 2 Release Date Updates

 There has been no announcement from the official production team of this series about a new season of it. But the good thing is the spin-off manga zero has got 10 volumes with 60 chapters which should be enough to make a prickwell season for the anime.

 so there's a big chance that we may get a prickwell of this series where we will see the story of akame and her little sister. I would really love it if they adapt the spin-off manga to anime so the probability of getting a prickwell for this series is very high. 

But for a sequel I am not sure if that's going to happen they will have to change a lot of stuff for that. I  mean if they wanted they could make a remake and change the story a little bit and then could leave enough room to continue the story.

But it seems like the writer of this series had a different plan. He was busy with the spin-off manga which just ended last year so that's why I think the chances of getting a sequel is very low but the chances of getting the prickwell is very very high. In case we get any updates or any announcement from the production team of akamega kill about a new season we will let you guys know immediately. 

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